Helping seniors connect to the digital world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a spotlight on the painful reality of senior isolation and loneliness in Canada and shown the pressing need to empower seniors as digital citizens on an ongoing basis. Digital literacy and access to technology are critical for seniors to connect with community and ensure access to basic needs like food, government support and healthcare.

Many barriers however prevent older people from adopting technology. The Seniors Can Connect! Program is designed to help seniors overcome these barriers, build confidence, and learn the digital skills necessary for today’s technological world.

We?work with local community partners to deliver?Seniors Can Connect!?and?offer two approaches:

Personal Path:

Seniors in each community receive a pre-configured device for their individual use and technology mentors accompany each participant to learn remotely at their own pace. Participants build baseline digital literacy skills and confidence over time, with the goal of becoming empowered digital citizens.?

Community Enablement:

Organizations receive tablets setup for multiple users to increase the reach of their online programs. Accessible devices can be shared amongst the community and organizations receive training from Technology Mentors so that they build their in-house capacity to teach and support seniors to build digital literacy skills.

Ready to learn more?

Visit the Seniors Can Connect! website.

HelpAge Canada?is working with?Connected Canadians to?deliver the Seniors Can Connect! Programs.?

Connected Canadians?is a federally incorporated non-profit organization based in Ottawa, with a mandate to connect older adults with free technology training and support. ?

“Although technology with no human connection offers little, technology that’s used to directly enable human connections can make a world of difference—especially to those enduring isolation and loneliness.”

Emily Jones Joanisse, CEO, Connected Canadians